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Discharge Instructions

We will want to see you approximately 2 weeks after discharge from the hospital.You
will need a chest x-ray and possibly a lab test before you are seen. Instructions will be
given to you when your appointments are made. If you have any staples or sutures left
in place you will need to have them removed.

Please call our office at (209) 575-5833 or (800) 525-8801 for appointments.

Please remember to bring all of your medications to each appointment you have in our office.

You will need to shower on a daily basis and call the office if any signs of infection occur.

Signs of infection might be redness, or drainage on or around your incision.

Do not lift, push or pull heavy objects over 10 pounds for 4 weeks after surgery.

Do not drive until you have been to the office for your appointment.

Please be sure to elevate your legs above the line of your heart for short periods of time throughout the day. This will help reduce the swelling that normally occurs after heart surgery.

If constipation occurs, please take any stool softener or laxative you need for results.

Please monitor your supply of medications and call your pharmacy 1-2 days prior to running out of medicines. They will notify us for refills. Medications are not normally filled on the weekends. Please plan ahead.

It is not abnormal to experience some nausea, lack of appetite or insomnia. If you feel these
problems are excessive or are not resolving, please call the office.

Please feel free to call the office if you have questions or concerns. Our normal office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. We are closed on holidays. If case of emergency our phone numbers are answered 24 hours a day by the medical exchange and a surgeon is on call.